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Love Story: Always With Me

For my final project in my photography class this semester, we have to tell a story through a series or just have some sort of series on a topic. For my project, I chose to show a love story through objects. I feel as thought it is easy to portray love when you are using people as your subject. Even though it is easy to convey, it’s harder to feel because you’re just looking at two people. With objects, you can relate and feel the emotion as well. For this love story I am using objects from my own love story.

This is the first picture I have taken and edited for this project. I chose this necklace because it was given to me by my boyfriend two and a half years ago for Christmas. I wear this necklace everyday to remind myself that he is always with me. Even though it is only a small necklace, I still cherish it very much.

So what do you think? Does it portray love? Does the bokeh effect take away from the photo? Should I leave the bokeh there?
Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

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